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  3. 2022年度秋学期 uedbet体育_uedbet体育投注-彩客网彩票推荐感染症の影響により家計急変した学生に対する特別授業料免除

2022年度秋学期 uedbet体育_uedbet体育投注-彩客网彩票推荐感染症の影響により家計急変した学生に対する特別授業料免除

We will accept applications for the special tuition waiver program for Fall Semester of AY2022 for students who are facing sudden financial difficulties to pay their tuition fees due to the spread of the COVID-19.
Applicants are requested to carefully check the "Eligibility" described in the application guidelines that can be downloaded from the Student Support Division’s website below and submit the required documents in time for the application deadline.

 学生支援課ウェブサイト The Student Support Division’s website新しいウィンドウが開きます